Statues and Pointless Arguments

March 3, 2009

My sincere apologies to anyone who reads this blog for the low number of posts recently.

rest assured my blogging will continue but since the birth of my daughter and the starting of a new project I have been a bit snowed under.

My posts may be shorter but they will resume a reasonable regularity!

So my thoughts turn to the statues and the plethora of angry comments floating around the internet, particularly on Richard Spencer’s blog.

The nastier side of me might say that to all of the Chinese who request the return of the statues, perhaps we could have our stolen IP back in return. But that would be petty.

It is a shame that the Chinese government didn’t simply buy them back, but I understand that would have been a loss of face- they consider the statues to be rightfully theirs.

I have seen hundreds of messages and articles complaining about western imperialism and patronising China.

Personally I think that we should all just get over it, accept the statues for the amazing things of beauty that they are and move on.

It would be nice if they ended up back in the public sphere for all to enjoy, no matter who actually owns them.


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